‘I got a tattoo of my favourite bus – people think it’s weird but I love it’

We are all familiar with tattoo s of flowers, symbols, pets or pop stars – but what about an inking of a seemingly mundane bus?

One bus-lover has taken their admiration for a certain travel route to new heights, as they decided to get their favourite commuting vehicle tattooed.

Elliott Colvin has spent most of their life travelling on the Manchester-based 192 service and felt it was only right to get a tattoo in its honour.

There is an even more sentimental attachment to this particular service bus for Elliott. It was the meeting place for their first encounter with fellow transport fan, partner Wil Saunders – leaving a special place in their hearts for this humble bus.

The 25-year-old travelled between Manchester and Stockport daily, for work and social activities. For Elliott, the Stagecoach bus has been a steady and constant part of their life, across four house moves.

They admits their tattoo is unusual: “It’s a bit nerdy, to be fair. My partner is a bit of a trainspotter. We’ve been together about five years and I’ve always been into transport and travel.”

The 192 bus service is a bit of a legend in Stockport, where it is viewed with affection. “People make jokes about it but it’s the most reliable bus. It’s such an icon. It’s an iconic thing.”

For Elliott, that affection has morphed into obsession. Their partner, Wil, has encouraged them to be more enthusiastic about buses. It was an interest that started when they were little.

“When I moved to my first flat in Manchester with Wil, I was obsessed that the bus came every two minutes. I thought it was really cool.”

Even though the transport fans have moved house, they claim they will never venture far outside the 192 bus route.

Elliott said: “We’ve lived in four different areas of Greater Manchester and Stockport and every time it’s been the 192 that’s been my local bus. It gets me to work, it gets me home.”

The bus is almost like a second home to them, spending so much time on it. When it came to getting their tattoo, it didn’t take much thinking about what it would be. Other people have enjoyed the 192 tattoo too, which they didn’t expect at all.

“Everyone knows it [in Manchester and Stockport]. I like these untraditional tattoos that don’t necessarily have a deep meaning but they mean something cool to me.

Tattoo artist Maisie was excited by Elliott’s unusual request, as they claim that “She was straight on board with it”.

“She’s a junior tattoo artist and I was a bit sceptical about messaging her at first in case she thinks I’m insane, but she’s already done some cool things for me before and I really love her work”.

Maisie, who works for Heatons Tattoo Club in Heaton Moor, Stockport, said she loved the opportunity to do something a little bit different.

She said: “I have tattooed Elliott multiple times. A lot of Elliott’s tattoos tend to be sentimental. They approached me about the 192 one. They had to travel on that bus to see their partner.

“Being a tattooist you get wild and wonderful requests anyway but to get something mundane like a bus is kind of comical.”